Tips on preparing for Multiple Choice Tests

We’ve all had experience with multiple choice tests. However, when passing the test is essential to obtaining a licence to practice as a pharmacist or to demonstrate continued competence, test anxiety starts to escalate. Preparation is a key component to exam success.

Here are some tips to help you prepare:

1) Simulate the exam experience.
• If the exam will be a closed-book exam, it is important to practice answering questions without access to your notes or text books.
• Practice answering questions that someone else has selected. You are not the one setting the exam questions, so asking yourself questions that you have developed on your own is usually a poor way to re-create the exam experience. Workbooks, accredited continuing education (CE) lesson test questions, and on-line test banks, like iMCQ, are essential tools to aid your preparations for the PEBC Qualifying exam or the OCP Quality Assurance Practice Review – they provide you with challenging practice questions, developed by content experts.
• Be sure to practice using questions based on Canadian content that is designed to assess the NAPRA professional competencies for Canadian pharmacists.

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