PEBC myths

PEBC targets against non-Canadian candidates.  NOT true.  Although a higher percentage of IPGs fail the PEBC, it is because their university curriculum is different than the Canadian curriculum.  It would be unethical and illegal to target non-Canadian pharmacists.

PEBC targets against non-English speaking pharmacists.  This may be true since OSCE (Part II) involves speaking clearly, consistently, confidently so that the patient actors and the evaluator understand you.  If they do not understand you, you will fail the station.  Practice your English speaking skills every day.

If you write the exam in May (when most Canadian students are writing), the exam will be harder to pass. NOT true.  The PEBC clearly states on their website that the passing criteria is not based on those who wrote but according to the number of correctly answered questions deemed necessary by experts to obtain their license qualification.  Focus on your own preparation.  By the way, the University of Waterloo students write in November!

You have to pass every competency to pass the PEBC.  Not true.  See above.  It would not make sense to fail someone just because they failed a competency worth 2-3%.  This is FALSE.

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